Team Building Adventure-Style for Organisations

If you want to build collaboration, communication and camaraderie in your team, the best team building activities involve being unplugged, out in the great outdoors, and maybe adding a splash of adrenaline. For corporate team building activities in Rotorua, at Off Road NZ we specialise in all these factors. We’ve got the low down on why a place like this is ideal for getting your team ready to hit the ground running when performing in real life.

1. The great outdoors – unplug and interact

Off Road NZ is just 20 minutes’ drive west from central Rotorua, in gorgeous native forest on the volcanic plateau. Not only does the fresh air and back-to-nature feel provides a complete change to the average corporate workplace, but because there’s reduced cellphone coverage out here your team will be completely focused on the task at hand. There’s nothing better for maximum engagement, and creating shared memories to last years.

Bush Camp 004 scaled

2. Exciting activities (even adrenaline-filled)

Off Road NZ offers all types of team building activities to surprise your team – from pulse-racing to passive.
For adrenaline-filled exploits, you can strap teams of two to four people into their own 4WD for a self-drive Bush Safari. These pairs must navigate rugged and remote tracks through native forest. They’ll have a professional guide radioing in to guide them around tight bends, through deep muddy holes and down a seven-metre high luge: but these co-pilots will share in the adrenaline and need to coach each other through. Another activity is the Raceline Karting. This high-speed adventure is great for both large and small groups as a team endurance builder, and is guaranteed to create a lot of laughs, encouragement and togetherness.

Less extreme but still a good time, you can book your team in for activities such as clay-bird shooting or archery: depending on the demographic, this can push people outside their everyday boundaries and give them a feeling of accomplishment – and perhaps discover new skills (you’ll be surprised at who can out-shoot who).

Alternatively, we provide customisable, more classic team building activities. We don’t want to give too much away, but these might involve blindfolds, fictional scenarios, obstacles or time limits, and definitely require a whole lot of planning, brainstorming, teamwork, time management, communication, and being able to laugh/concentrate at the same time. They can be accomplished with any level of physical ability. They can also be very entertaining to watch!

off road - team building

3. Fully customisable

At Off Road NZ we specialise in experiences for corporate clients. Because it’s such a big focus, we can set aside time to really tailor a team building programme for your crew and their needs. If you’d like to target a certain aspect of teamwork, or appeal to a certain demographic, the activities can be especially designed to suit. Excitement level, budget and time frame (one hour to a whole day and evening) can all be taken into consideration.

If your team can do activities in a fun environment that improves basic team skills like trust and accountability, then it’s all great practice for operating in the real world! Team building adventure-style at Off Road NZ is a great way to remind your people that they’re part of a team and re-inspire them to do their best. Get in touch if you’d like to know more or have a team building programme customised for your organisation.


December 5, 2020


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