The Romantic Side you didn’t know we had!

As far as date ideas go, you could go out for a nice dinner, watch a movie, or have a picnic at sunset. But for something even more memorable, step your game up a notch with a fun-filled day at Off Road NZ! We’ve got you covered when it comes to spending special time with your significant other – our diverse range of activities adds a perfect touch of romance to your adrenaline rush.  

If you’re looking for a date idea with a difference, there’s no way to break the ice like a Monster 4X4 Thrill Ride! Guaranteeing plenty of laughs (and screams!), you’ll quickly see who’s the brave one… and who’s the scaredy-cat. Get fully stuck in and enjoy the marvellous mud as it splashes in every direction. 

Or if you trust your date’s daring driving skills, conquer the fear and excitement of our 4WD Bush Safari. Navigating steep hills, sharp corners, and squeezing through narrow tunnels together… it’s the ultimate bonding time! 

A jimny splashing through puddles

Splash through deep puddles at high speed for the ultimate mud bath

If your relationship is a bit further down the track, there’s nothing like a friendly rivalry and a healthy challenge to add some spice! Race your partner on our Raceline Karting track and discover once and for all who the better driver is. Afterward, capture the result with a finish-line picture, complete with a chequered flag. And of course, if the results are in dispute, there’s always time for a re-match.  

Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect opportunity to pop the question? Our beautifully secluded and remote woods could be just the spot. Step out of your Jimny, take the plunge, and get down on one knee, immersed in the scenic forest backdrop. Adrenaline will already be pumping through your veins, but will soon be replaced with elation and joy as you celebrate amongst the tranquil silence of the trees. Feel free to let us know beforehand and our guides can help you set up a spot – and we can even take some discreet photos for you to look back on later, and remember the magical moment by.


Two girls sitting on a river bankside

There’s plenty of scenic spots to soak up with your significant other during your Off Road NZ adventure

If you’re ready to propose to the speedster in your life, surprise your partner with the ultimate victory lap on our Raceline Karting experience. Hold back during the final circuit and let your other half take the lead – only to be greeted with a will you marry me” banner at the finish line! Having won not only the race but also your heart; sheer excitement and wonder will be written all over their face – as you get ready to celebrate the next lap of your lives together. 

Two people wearing racing suits and helmets

Complete a ring of our Raceline Karting track, then put a ring on it!

When it comes to the special day itself, we also have the perfect wedding venue right on site. Located amongst the picturesque native forest, our Native Bush Camp venue is oozing with romantic, rustic charm, and makes for a great ceremony and reception location. The lush native scenery is a stunning natural backdrop for your wedding photos, and we have all the contacts and connections to arrange gourmet catering, music, and entertainment, along with the extra small touches. Get in touch to create a day that you, your lucky spouse, and all of your friends and family will never forget! 

A couple getting married on a hill

Capture your special day with stunning photos that will reflect the bond and connection the two of you have

Whilst we may be best-known for our adventurous antics, we also have a romantic side that not many people know about. Add some flair and fun to your next date, anniversary or couples escape – and get set for plenty of laughs, screams and magical memories together.  

February 4, 2022


Rev up the adventure and test the limits of our mighty Jimny's 😎

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We gave our Off Road NZ grinch an office makeover to get him in the Christmas spirit! 😝🎄 

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Say hello to Jamie 

Jamie has joined the team as a guide for his summer holidays as he is a second year student studying in Wellington! 

He enjoys listening to music, playing a bit of golf or basketball but most of all he enjoys thrilling our customers! 

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Say Hello to Abbey... 

Fresh out of school Abbey decided to join the Off Road NZ crew for a new challenge where she has really blossomed. You’ll catch her on the netball court wearing red white and blue! 😁

Fun fact about Abbey, she is an identical, conjoined twin!

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Nothing beats our Monster 4X4 Thrill ride!! 🥇

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Lets meet Shaquia,

Shaq decided she needed to get back into the tourism industry so joined the crew here at Off Road NZ!

She handles everything behind the scenes here when she’s not trying to run away on holidays!🙌😜

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From former Glazier to one of our amazing guides, Cody enjoys a good laugh and social get togethers with mates.
If he's not out and about you can find him going hard in the gym! 💪

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Our Monster Truck is Made for rugged, radical adventures in Magnificent New Zealand Forest!! 

Come out and experience our backyard with some action packed fun 🤩

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