• Safety

Safety, Risks & Hazards

Our off road activities take place in or near native New Zealand forest and farmland at the top of the Mamaku plateau.

We require all guests to be open and honest about any medical, physical, and psychological conditions that may affect their ability to complete activities safely and enjoyably. All guests are required to read and sign a Risk Disclosure form prior to taking part in any Off Road NZ activity.

We do our best to minimise as many risks as possible through robust induction and training processes, hazard identification, vehicle daily checks and continual maintenance and repair programmes.

Guests need to be aware that there are elements of risk that are beyond our foresight and control.

These risks may include but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle collisions
  • Breakages or component failure on vehicles or infrastructure
  • Exposure-related issues due to weather conditions
  • Slips, trips and falls from equipment or uneven terrain
  • Falling trees or branches
  • Staff negligence
  • Other people including other guests, staff and contractors
  • Water hazards including ponds, ditches and water features
  • Other natural or environmental hazards including, sun, wind, lightning, earth quake and fire


Safety Measures in place

To mitigate the potential risks, we have safety measures in place including:

  • Providing sector-standard safety equipment.
  • Setting minimum age, height or licencing requirements to ensure you have the required skill, strength and maturity or experience to safely participate in each activity.
  • Providing safety briefings and coaching for you.
  • Providing you with wet weather gear to protect you on days or activities that need it.
  • Induction and training for all our staff to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to safely guide or drive you on activities.
  • Continual equipment and course inspections that are equal to, or above industry standards.
  • Continual improvements to safety, delivery, equipment and processes.


  • Cracking drive! Excellent staff! Awesome for a wet weather day! Totally recommend The 4x4 Suzuki’s were warm! Clean and dry! Well worth it! Really enjoyed our time there!

    Deaghan S

  • The go-kart race was the obvious highlight for the majority of our group. The 4WD safari was a great way for our newly formed team to bond with someone new. All the staff were patient, informative, and extremely accommodating. Special thanks to the team for going above and beyond with the awards ceremony, driving to get our food, cleaning up after us etc - they made it so easy, thank you! The campfire/conference space was perfect for what we needed. A colleague commented how nice it was to have a "conference" outside of a conventional board room and in a remote, relaxed environment that fostered team bonding.

    Lousia D

  • My partner and I did the Off Road monster truck ride, OMG! Best thing we did during our stay here. Highly recommend :)

    Amy S

  • My partner and I visited Off Road NZ during our stay in Rotorua, and it’s definitely one of the best activities we did! For anyone who wants something a bit different, this is definitely a must.

    Georgia M
    Wellington, NZ

  • The 4WD bush safari was absolutely worth it. Our guide had the quintessential kiwi 'she'll be right' attitude and kept us engaged and informed the whole way - could not have asked for more.

    Damian B


There is nothing more exhilarating than challenging your friends, family or colleagues on the track 🏁🤩�

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We had the privilege of working with Suzuki to launch their first ever 5 door Jimny!! 🤩🤩
The Off Road crew were even lucky enough to take them for a spin 😎 

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Peeking around corners, discovering hidden surprises around every bend!

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Can you believe "Le Mans" has made it around our 1.2km track with a time of 1.09.161 ?! what is your personal best? 🏁⏱

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Sunday morning strolls look a little bit different here at Off Road NZ 😎

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Can you handle our seven metre-high Luge?! 

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The 4WD Bush Safari really is one of a kind 🤩 #offroadnz #4wdbushsafari #adventure #rotoruanz
No roof, no doors – there’s nothing between you and great outdoors.🌿

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