Adrenaline-junkies, Rotorua is calling your name!

Are your adrenaline levels looking a bit low, and in need of a top-up? Luckily for you, Rotorua is a mecca for thrill-seekers, with plenty of exhilarating activities on offer for adventurers looking to push their limits. Lock in a weekend getaway to the heart of the North Island and you’ll find just the thing to satisfy all your adrenaline cravings.

Off Road NZ

Located in the scenic Mamaku Forest, Off Road NZ is your one-stop-shop for all things action and adventure! Offering Raceline Karting, Monster 4×4 Thrill Rides and 4WD Bush Safaris all in one location, it’s a haven for motorheads and speed freaks, or just those looking to feel the rush of a rugged off-road ride.

Whether you take the wheel yourself or strap in and admire your guide’s driving skills, you’ll have a blast as you explore the depths of the ancient forest, or speed around New Zealand’s longest outdoor kart track. See a completely new side of nature, race your family and friends, and scream with joy and excitement! Grab a package so you don’t miss out on any of the action – you’re sure to have the time of your life.

Velocity Valley

Velocity Valley blends kiwi ingenuity with epic challenges to satisfy every adrenaline junkie’s needs – it’s a theme park like you’ve never seen before. The park is host to an array of quirky experiences, like the Swoop – a giant swing that catapults you to speeds of up to 130km/h in just one second, or the V-Force – a reverse bungy that launches you 45 metres into the air.

Or for a ‘no strings attached’ experience, the Freefall Xtreme will take your breath away – imagine skydiving at exhilarating speeds up to 220kmph, but without the jump – you’ll feel like a real life superhero. Opt for a package to experience them all, break outside your comfort zone and let your inner thrillseeker run wild.

Kaitiaki Adventures

Make a splash and experience whitewater rafting in one of Aotearoa’s most scenic locations. The team at Kaitiaki Adventures will guide you through native bush and down incredible waterfalls, that will leave you screaming and laughing in delight. They even traverse the world’s highest commercially raftable falls at a whopping seven metres tall – how wicked is that!

For something truly unique, give sledging a go. Like a hybrid of a luge, raft and paddleboard – don a wetsuit and navigate your trusty vessel down the river through fast-flowing straights and along raging rapids, propelled only by the flippers on your feet! It’s a definite must-do when you’re in Rotorua.

Redwoods Treewalk

Unwind a little after your fast-paced activities and take some time out to soak up the scenery of the 75-metre-tall, 120-year-old Redwoods. Embark on the ultimate tree-top adventure with Treewalk’s Altitude walk, and immerse yourself in the beauty of these giants of the forest. Enjoy a moment of tranquillity and calm, mixed with some next-level heights, as you wander through the 650m-long, 25-metre high course. With 25 ‘Indiana Jones’-style swing bridges, 3 flying foxes and 2 spirals, it’s a surreal journey as you learn more about the natural and cultural stories of the area, and experience nature at its finest from above.

Now the only details left to work out are when you’re visiting, and who with! Round up your fellow adrenaline-seekers (no chickening-out allowed) and fill your weekend with plenty of one-of-a-kind thrills. Everyone will love the chance to try new things, push their limits and make their Instagram followers jealous. Speaking of, be sure to tag us in your adventures with us – @offroadnzrotorua – adventure awaits!

April 29, 2022


There is nothing more exhilarating than challenging your friends, family or colleagues on the track 🏁🤩�

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We had the privilege of working with Suzuki to launch their first ever 5 door Jimny!! 🤩🤩
The Off Road crew were even lucky enough to take them for a spin 😎 

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Peeking around corners, discovering hidden surprises around every bend!

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Can you believe "Le Mans" has made it around our 1.2km track with a time of 1.09.161 ?! what is your personal best? 🏁⏱

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Sunday morning strolls look a little bit different here at Off Road NZ 😎

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Can you handle our seven metre-high Luge?! 

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The 4WD Bush Safari really is one of a kind 🤩 #offroadnz #4wdbushsafari #adventure #rotoruanz
No roof, no doors – there’s nothing between you and great outdoors.🌿

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