Why family time is the BEST time at Off Road NZ!

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With the country sitting at Alert Level 4, thousands of families New Zealand-wide are currently juggling work, school, and life under one roof and within four walls (that probably feel like they’re inching closer and closer every day!).

There’s no better time than right now to plan when your next family fun time can happen out of the house. We’re so looking forward to welcoming you and the kids here at Off Road NZ! And if it’s going to be for Father’s Day, you can choose to purchase a gift voucher in case lockdown puts a pause on September plans for a while. It’s truly the best experiential gift for the Dad who has everything!

Whenever that first outing after lockdown does happen, kick things up a notch with some 4wd action and adrenaline-fuelled adventures! Here are some things to make sure you achieve while on-site with us.

Challenge the teens with a Luge Selfie

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Our 4wd Bush Safari is an Off Road NZ classic. It’s chock-full of obstacles to get your heart racing and blood pumping – while actually being perfectly safe inside our cute wee Suzuki Jimnys! The most famous obstacle is the ‘luge’. Without giving too much away, it’s about as close to a free fall in a car as you can get, and we do jokingly offer new pairs of undies at the front desk for afterwards!

Whether you need the new underpants or not, one thing is for sure – we’ve rarely seen a successful selfie while attempting the Luge. So why not challenge that teenager who is reluctant to even be seen leaving the house with you? A bit of family competition never hurt! Heck, if they can take a good selfie without dropping their phones on the way over the ledge, the undies are on us.

Yes, bring the baby too

Speaking of the 4wd Bush Safari and photos, there’s no age limit on passengers, so everyone in your household can pile in for the quintessential ‘three wheels on the ground’ angled Off Road NZ shot (you’ll get it when you’re in it). We’ve even had a Mum and her newborn come along for the ride! Baby slept all the way thanks to the constant motion, and mama got some much-needed fun and action away out of intensive baby mode!

That may be a bit extreme for most parents, but it’s a clear demonstration that anyone and everyone can enjoy some fun in the Jimny – the baby just can’t drive it.

Get the kids racing each other (fairly)

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Off Road NZ’s Raceline Karting is one of our most popular activities for adults and kids over 14 years of age (the baby has to stay behind for this one!). Go Kart racing is popular globally and many have tried it, but giving it ago in the beautiful Mamaku Plateau on Rotorua’s International Kartsport raceway is next level.

If the kids have spent lockdown sequestered away in the living room, challenging each other in various video games, then getting them outside and physically racing around a track at high speeds is going to blow their minds. The exhilaration will get them laughing together and bonding properly again. It’s truly a surprisingly effective tool to foster positive relationships between your older kids – we’ve seen it happen time and time again! You might even convince them to smile together in a photo!

We’re excited to see you and the kids at Off Road NZ whenever life allows it! A reminder too that we’re only a short drive from the centre of Rotorua, which has a slew of accommodation and dining options and other activities to suit everyone in the family. So add us to the list of adventures!

August 27, 2021


Who doesn't love an epic family adventure, especia Who doesn't love an epic family adventure, especially when they are FREE!?! Our  #4wdbushsafari features many tight twisting turns, deep muddy holes, steep climbs and thrilling descents ~ bonus points if you spot the hidden surprises along the way 😆
Now is the chance for you and the kids to embrace the last couple weeks of school holidays, get crafty and show us what your version of a Jimny looks like! New thrills await: https://offroadnz.co.nz/build-a-jimny-competition/
Get busy with the kids this weekend, collect all t Get busy with the kids this weekend, collect all the loose parts around the house; its time to build a Jimny for the chance to win a #4wdbushsafari for the family! 
Check out the link for all the details you need: https://offroadnz.co.nz/build-a-jimny-competition/
Competition time! In need of a fun activity for t Competition time! 
In need of a fun activity for the kids this school holidays?? We have got the perfect thing for you! 
It's time to build your very own 4WD Jimny and go in the draw to win one of our #4wdbushsafari experiences for 2 adults and 2 children!! 
Get creative, think outside the box, repurposed some recycled materials and go nuts! 
Check out the info here: https://offroadnz.co.nz/build-a-jimny-competition/
Team Electrolux and plenty of ☀️keeping our #r Team Electrolux and plenty of ☀️keeping our #racelinekarting race suits clean and fresh for each visitor. 64 wash cycles in the last 7 days - epic! 😆 
#offroadnzrotorua #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #singleuse #safepractices #covidfriendly
Refreshed and ready to go, our team are straight b Refreshed and ready to go, our team are straight back into all the action! 🤗 
Have you spotted our super cool new race suits?? The competitors from #crankworxrotorua tried them out for us in November. 
Come and let us know what you think! 😝